Saint Francis Episcopal Church of Southern Ohio

     Parish Life

Bible Study

Bible Study takes place every Wednesday at 10:30 am.  Bible Study focuses on many different topics throughout the year.  Their are many great discussions and everyone can participate.  Everyone is welcome!

Sick? New Baby? Overwhelmed? Would a meal be helpful?
Consider using our Carrying Angels Ministry. Mary Martin arranges for meal deliveries to parishioners. It's a great service! Give someone an opportunity to help.  Please contact the church office at (937) 748-2592.
Altar Flowers

The Altar Guild is requesting people to sign up to furnish flowers for the altar on Sunday's. A sign-up sheet is located in the narthex (table).  We have numerous vases at church that can be utilized.  Please help if you can, this is a wonderful way to beautify the church each week.

Adopt - a - Bills

  ADOPT -A- BILLS are available for support of various ministries and events here at St. Francis. Please place your check along with the

adopt-a-bill slip in the offering plate.

Healing Services

In the Episcopal Church, healing ministries are alive and growing. Those involved in healing ministry say they are living out a gospel mandate. The bottom line is that Christ in Luke 9:2 said that "we are to preach the kingdom and heal the sick.” Every 5th Sunday of the month St. Francis Episcopal Church will offer healing prayers during this special service.  

Shut-in/Retirement/Nursing Home Eucharistic Visits

If you know a member or previous member that would like communion, please contact Stephan Graham, Jeff Baldrige, or the

church office.

Foyer Groups

Interested in getting together with 6 or 7 others for a monthly dinner for 3-4 months?  Join others interested in a supper or lunch group - in homes or out to eat.  A sign up sheet will be located on the counter in the coffee hour room.  It will be a warm time of connection and caring -  bring a friend.