Saint Francis Episcopal Church
The Mission of St. Francis is to be a dynamic Christian community, dedicated to the love of Jesus Christ and to the truth of His message.

Parish Life

Bible Study

Bible Study takes place every Wednesday at 10:30 am.  Bible Study focuses on many different topics throughout the year.  Their are many great discussions and everyone can participate.  Everyone is welcome!

Foyer Groups

Interested in getting together with 6 or 7 others for a monthly dinner for 3-4 months?  Join others interested in a supper or lunch group - in homes or out to eat.  A sign up sheet will be located on the counter in the coffee hour room.  It will be a warm time of connection and caring -  bring a friend.

Sick? New Baby? Overwhelmed? Would a meal be helpful?
Consider using our Carrying Angels Ministry. Mary Martin arranges for meal deliveries to parishioners. It's a great service! Give someone an opportunity to help.  Please contact the church office at (937) 748-2592.

Eucharistic Visits

. Did you know that we offer Eucharistic Visits for the sick and shut in?   Please contact the church office at (937) 748-2592

Altar Flowers

The Altar Guild is requesting people to sign up to furnish flowers for the altar on Sunday's. A sign-up sheet is located in the narthex (table).  We have numerous vases at church that can be utilized.  Please help if you can, this is a wonderful way to beautify the church each week.

Adopt - a - Bills

  ADOPT -A- BILLS are available for support of various ministries and events here at St. Francis. Please place your check along with the adopt-a-bill slip in the           offering plate.