Saint Francis Episcopal Church
of Southern Ohio

Prayer Requests

Saint James’ epistle says, “...pray for one another, so that you may be healed.  The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” (5:16)

At St. Francis we believe the life of prayer is the call of every Christian.  Pray with us and for those in our community!

General Prayers Each Week

For our Bishops, Priests, and other Ministers:

For Michael Curry, our Presiding Bishop.

For Thomas Breidenthal, our Bishop.

for David Bailey, our Priest.

Those who need our prayers who are sick or in need:

Roxie Thomas, Tori Hamilton, Barbara Fryburg, Marissa & her family, Jennie Leo, Will Frush, Bill Clark, Ann Clark,

Sue Carl, Gene Carl, Mary Helber, Liam Kuhn, Peggy Riegel, Betsy Hoobler, Mary Martin, Caden Graham, Mary Harris, Barb Roy, Molly Bailey,Revs. Frank and Lynn Carter Edmands, and Barb Pascoe. 

For the men and women serving in the Military:

Rob Moffitt, Nick Bogard, Barry Bates, Preston Pieterzak, Zach Funkhouser, Konnor Soto, Will Clouse,

Kyle VanTress, Keaton Dennis, Izzie Ziemba, and Henry Mastalerz.