Saint Francis Episcopal Church
The Mission of St. Francis is to be a dynamic Christian community, dedicated to the love of Jesus Christ and to the truth of His message.


Sunday School  

Sunday School is for Kindergarteners through Sixth Grade and will take place during the

10:30 am service.  The children will go to the deeper-learning center to listen to lessons, perform activates such as art, cooking, games, etc., and to have fun.  They will rejoin their parents for worship at The Peace.

If you are interested please contact Jenny Catalan at

Youth Group

The Youth Group consists of young people ages Twelve through High School.   This is an interactive group of young people who enjoy meeting once a month to plan activities (cleaning the church grounds, Youth Sunday, etc.), fundraisers (bake sales, car washes, T-shirt sales, etc.), projects (Christmas in Springboro), and outings (paintball, laser tag, bowling, field day, etc.).  Each youth gets a chance to bring their best ideas to the group, since the kids decide what they do for the year. 

If you are interested please contact Lisa Spangler, Youth Leader at