Saint Francis Episcopal Church
of Southern Ohio



Stephan Graham, Senior Warden; Joe Spangler, Junior Warden; Ginny Culp, Vestry Clerk; Sue Starner, Financial Secretary; Jenny Catalan, Barb Roy, Chuck Oduah, Jack Emerson,

Mary Harris, Ron Thomas, Kimmie Sprowles

Meets once a month to administer the affairs of the parish.

Property and Usage

(Maintenance, Sexton, Snow Removal, Lawn Care & Gardens, Sound System, Signage, Long Term Facilities Update Planning, Community Usage, Church Security)

Joe Spangler, Junior Warden and Jack Emerson

Oversees all church grounds and maintenance of

the building. 

Boy Scout Troop 50: Joe Spangler, Liaison

Maintains open communication between the parish and Boy Scout Troop 50.


Kimmie Sprowles, Director

Assists during the liturgy by performing minor duties.

Usher Guild and Greeters  

Kathi Oaks, Director

Greets parishioners, monitors the service, and closes

the church.

Finance Committee

(Stewardship, Budget, Audit, Personnel, Writing Grants, Gifts and Memorials)

Stephan Graham, Mike Kock and Jeff Baldrige, Co-Coordinators

Provides financial oversight for the church parish.

Worship Committee

(Eucharist Ministers, Liturgists, Choir, Organists, Hymns & Service Music, Altar Guild, Pulpit Supply, Chapel Usage, Healing Service Liturgy, Columbarium Oversight)

Stephan Graham, Coordinator

Plans services and special events for specific occasions.  Discusses general worship service needs.

Organist: Diana Graham

Enhances worship through musical performance.

Choir Director: Donna Sprowles, Choir Director

The Adult Choir and Children's Choir participates in communal worship.

Lector/Eucharistic Minister: Stephan Graham, Director
Serves during the Holy Eucharist by reading the prayers and lessons.

Altar Guild: Barb Roy, Director
Prepares for the celebration of Holy Eucharist and other sacraments of the church.

Hospitality and Parish Life Committee

(Foyer Group, Coffee Hour, Chili Cook-off, Game Night, Shrove Tuesday, Special Events, Souper Bowl)

Ginny Culp, Coordinator

Oversees the hospitality and social life of the parish.

Fellowship/Coffee Hour: Barb Roy, Coordinator; and Alisha Minamyer

Provides snacks, beverages, and fellowship for worshipers.

Youth Ministries

(Children's Christian Ed, Christian Education, Children's Choir, Nursery, Vacation Bible School)

Jenny Catalan, Director

Teaches children through lessons and activities.

Congregational Care and Membership Committee

(Parish Health, Meals Ministry, Member Visitations, Eucharistic Visitations, Prayer Chain, Phone Tree/Call List, Membership Directory)

Chuck Oduah, Coordinator

Welcomes members and visitors to St. Francis and helps all parishioners become involved in the life of the parish.

Carrying Angels Ministry: Mary Martin, Coordinator

Sick? New Baby? Difficult to get around?  Caring Angels can make a meal and deliver it with love.

Prayer Chain: Barb Pascoe, Director

Prays for the needs and concerns of the parishioners.

Census Committee: Barb Pascoe, Dick Pascoe, Co-Directors

Keeps an account and obtains information about the status of members of the church.

Adult Ministries

(Bible Study, Book Club, Social Groups, Stations of the Cross, Seasonal Topics)

Ron Thomas, Coordinator

Adult Bible Study: Kathi Oaks, Leader 

Meets once a week to discuss scripture.

Marketing and Communications

(Facebook, Chamber of Commerce, Website, Newsletter)

Fr. Jed Dearing and Kimmie Sprowles, Co-Coordinators

A new concept committee that recognizes the changing ways St. Francis needs to market themselves to the community.

Outreach Missions Committee

(Food Pantry, Change Offerings, Marketing, FLOC, Gift cards for the poor, Nursing Home Visitations, Blessing of the Pets)

Mary Harris, Coordinator

Supports people and communities in need.

Video Communications

(Service Broadcasts, Coordinate & Assist)

Kimmie Sprowles, Coordinator

Maintains open communication between the parish and Boy Scout Troop 50.

Videographer: Goose Catalan